Rennies is a first of its kind in Botswana. Our services involve facilitating Forex transactions on behalf of individuals and corporates. This allows our clients to have their cash in international currency without worrying about locating a Bureau de Change or processing travelers cheques for their next trip.

World Currency Card

World currency cards are a suite of pre-paid travel cards that give you access to your funds in the local currency of your travel destination

Pre-loaded at a fixed rate so no need to worry about fluctuating exchange rates

The card is a Chip & PIN protected VISA debit card and can be used at over one million ATM’s worldwide and at any Point of Sale where a Visa logo is displayed

Eliminates all risks of carrying cash

Reloadable at any time

At present, we offer 5 currencies in Botswana; namely the US Dollar (USD), the Euro, Great British Pound (GBP), the Australian Dollar (AUD) and the South African Rand (ZAR).

This is a Visa based product produced by an African Bank with African needs in mind. It is currently in use by thousands of Botswana Ministry of Education funded students globally, as well as SADC affiliated organisations within the SADC region.

Basic Card Details
  • ATM withdrawal fee USD 2. GBP 2. EURO 2.50
  • No Point Of Sale (POS) fee
  • Card replacement fee of P50
  • Card valid for 5 years
  • SMS or email notifications

Feedback from some of our customers...

“This product has changed everything about how I carry cash. No more bulky waist bags!” - Thuso Leungo, Globetrotter.

“My World Currency Card has a provided an easier and safer way for me to manage my finances whenever I travel. Now I don’t need travelers cheques anymore.” - Luke Dale, Sales Professional

This product was my first ever foreign currency account and I continued using the card even after I completed my studies in Malaysia. Still have it. I didn’t know it was an African innovation, so I’m very proud of that too!” - Renga Sesinyi, Monash University Alumna

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