- Our Vision -

...is to remain a leader in the local and international travel management market.

- Our Mission -

...is to keep growing in our business of providing competitive travel management services whilst maintaining a professional standard and work ethic that translates into our clients saving on their travel spend without compromising service satisfaction.

- Our Values -



Valuable (To our customers)



World Class

Well, we take the trouble out of travel. For us, it isn’t just a tag line. It’s a firm promise and the thing that drives how we do business. We provide world-class travel management services that are premised on ensuring comfort, convenience, and enjoyment, whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure at an affordable and fair price.

Twenty-two years in the industry and stronger for it every day. We don’t believe the days of knowing your travel partner have to disappear – after all, this is the business of service and relationships should rightly rule the roost. Against this philosophy, we continue to build a strong network of partners from across the globe in every service arena of the hospitality industry, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing that your trip will be hassle free and enjoyable no matter how many borders you cross or airports you pass through.

In an industry that is always evolving, we continue to master our craft each day, and take comfort in knowing it has already helped us earn our place at the top. Making this happen, we have a team of professional and experienced travel consultants who have served the world’s leading brands in the global travel industry. They are guided by a passion for excellence and a love for adventure, the perfect recipe atop their diligence and dedication to making our customers happy.

Our clients range from contracted companies to every day walk-in clients looking for a trusted consultant to help make everything go smoothly. From operating business services for clients in Papua New Guinea to hosting dignitaries including former US President, George W. Bush and internationally renowned celebrities including Paul Simon, we have experience that is trusted worldwide and we continue to build upon this.

Travelwise was formed in 1992 with a clear mission to take the trouble out of travel. It is something we keep working at every day, and this continues to ensure we remain Botswana’s leading Corporate Travel Management Company. No matter how much we grow, we’re still the friendly travel agents you know and trust.

Plan your organisation’s annual business trips or your family holidays with us. A quick trip for a bit of shopping or an adventure around the world. From the passport visa application to the small touches you require at your preferred hotel and upon your return home, we have you fully covered.





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