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...is to remain a leader in the local and international travel management market.

- Our Mission -

...is to keep growing in our business of providing competitive travel management services whilst maintaining a professional standard and work ethic that translates into our clients saving on their travel spend without compromising service satisfaction.

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Valuable (To our customers)



World Class

Well, we take the trouble out of travel. For us, it isn’t just a tag line. It’s a firm promise and the thing that drives how we do business. We provide world-class travel management services that are premised on ensuring comfort, convenience, and enjoyment, whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure at an affordable and fair price.

Twenty-two years in the industry and stronger for it every day. We don’t believe the days of knowing your travel partner have to disappear – after all, this is the business of service and relationships should rightly rule the roost. Against this philosophy, we continue to build a strong network of partners from across the globe in every service arena of the hospitality industry, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing that your trip will be hassle free and enjoyable no matter how many borders you cross or airports you pass through.

In an industry that is always evolving, we continue to master our craft each day, and take comfort in knowing it has already helped us earn our place at the top. Making this happen, we have a team of professional and experienced travel consultants who have served the world’s leading brands in the global travel industry. They are guided by a passion for excellence and a love for adventure, the perfect recipe atop their diligence and dedication to making our customers happy.

Our clients range from contracted companies to every day walk-in clients looking for a trusted consultant to help make everything go smoothly. From operating business services for clients in Papua New Guinea to hosting dignitaries including former US President, George W. Bush and internationally renowned celebrities including Paul Simon, we have experience that is trusted worldwide and we continue to build upon this.

Travelwise was formed in 1992 with a clear mission to take the trouble out of travel. It is something we keep working at every day, and this continues to ensure we remain Botswana’s leading Corporate Travel Management Company. No matter how much we grow, we’re still the friendly travel agents you know and trust.

Plan your organisation’s annual business trips or your family holidays with us. A quick trip for a bit of shopping or an adventure around the world. From the passport visa application to the small touches you require at your preferred hotel and upon your return home, we have you fully covered.


Travelwise Directors

Travelwise FastFacts:

    90% of our team are Botswana Citizens
    Over 50 Years of Collective Local Travel Experience
    86% of our team is female
    22 Years of Taking The Trouble out of Travel

An accountant by profession, Allan Lunz has brought to Travelwise a razor sharp focus and extensive experience with financial controls, a passion for planning intense and diverse itineraries and a wealth of wisdom from leading one of the world’s largest Travel groups, BidTravel. Allan officially joined the travel industry in 1984 as a shareholder and M.D. for Concorde Travel. Bitten with the travel industry bug, Allan went on to acquire multiple smaller agencies and eventually in 1987, listed Concorde Travel as the first ever listed travel company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

Allan is the Managing Director for BidTravel. He is responsible for the travel companies within BidTravel, namely, Travelwise, HRG Rennies Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Travel Connections, World Travel, Harvey World Travel Southern Africa, BCD Travel, and MyMarket.com. Allan also sits on the Bidvest Services (Pty) Limited board of directors which is the company that BidTravel reports within Bidvest South Africa.With such a passion for the industry he’s called home for over 35 years, Travelwise has soared under his leadership as Chairman in taking the trouble out of travel and is only destined to grow stronger through his continued oversight.

As founder of Travelwise, Fred’s vision for the business remains unwavering. He wields a wealth of experience in the travel and tourism industry, spanning over 36 years. Fred has been at the helm of several travel organisations during his career, including Pan African travel, Manica Travel, British Airways Botswana and Rennies Foreign Exchange.

Fred has completed numerous courses relevant to the industry, including a Travel Diploma from IATA Geneva. He centres his business ethos on establishing and sustaining relationships with his clients. In every interaction, he always ensures that he adds a personal touch.

Fred is famous for taking the trouble out of travel.

Kabelo Binns has brought to Travelwise over 20 years of experience across Africa in PR, Media, Advertising, Branding, Eventing and Public Education. Industries Kabelo has worked in include Mining, Retail, Product Development, Crisis Management and Financial Services. He has played a pinnacle role in guiding Travelwise into becoming the mega brand that it is today. Kabelo is also the founder of Hotwire PRC and Wired Y&R, one of Botswana’s leading Media and Communications groups.

Kabelo also sits on the Consultative Council Chaired by the President of the Republic of Botswana and is a Member of the Presidential Task Team tasked with developing Botswana’s long term strategy (Vision 2036). He is also Media Chair at Business Botswana (previously BOCCIM) and Council member of the Brands Africa Organization.

Kabelo has a simple belief system: “Batswana can do insanely great work too”. A testament of his tireless commitment to ensure value is created for every stakeholder and customer by those that understand Botswana best...Batswana themselves.

the team

  • “We have had the honour of facilitating thousands of Batswana’s travels to all over the world for nearly 25 years.”
  • In 1992, Fred McDonald opened the doors of Travelwise. In those early days, the team consisted of Margaret McDonald and Dorah Ngwenya. These two ladies remain in the team today 22 years later, a true testament to the level of passion and commitment we pride ourselves on.

    The basis of Travelwise has always been to provide seamless solutions to our customers’ travel needs. Our promise has always been to “Take the trouble out of travel.” It is more than simply our ethos; it is the very reason this business began and it continues to see us grow from strength to strength. Today, Travelwise remains a leader in the travel sector and is proudly a homegrown, passion-fueled brand that attracts international suitors.

    In 2003, Bidvest Travel acquired 60% of Travelwise. This was a major foreign injection into the business. The association has provided Travelwise with global reach and significant financial backing. In 2006 as part of a deliberate plan to empower Botswana, BIDVEST and the founding shareholders sold 36.5% of the shares of Travelwise to a citizen corporation, Ogannes Investments, while 12.5% remains with the founding partners and staff. This resulted in a reduction of Bidvest shareholding to 51%. The shareholding has remained in place since, and the story of Travelwise continues to shine and provide a point of pride in the travel sector.

    Today, Travelwise has a dedicated, fervent team of over 20 full-time employees and 7 consultant freelancers. The promise to take the trouble out of travel continues with new and innovative products being developed all the time, as we constantly work to better ourselves for our customers. Our online booking services and our Visa World Currency Card are but two of the products we have in our stable.

    Travelwise is a proudly Botswana born and based business that promises to continue to positively contribute to the travel sector. For us, it is about convenience, comfort, a love for travel and adventure, and a passion for promoting new experiences. Travelers to and from Botswana can rest easy with the confidence that Travelwise will make their travels pleasant by taking the trouble out of travel. We are in the business of convenience, adventure, and making memories.

    The Travelwise Team


    CSI Initiatives

    As we continue to take the Trouble out of Travel for our clients in our everyday business, we have never forgotten the invaluable opportunity to give back. As we celebrate over 20 years in the business of providing quality travel management with a personal touch, we have also created lifelong memories through our charitable engagements in Botswana. Giving a helping hand continues to be in the fibre of our being.

    Through the unwavering commitment and growing love of the team, Travelwise has raised over hundreds of thousands of pula for charitable causes thus far and continues to participate in efforts that contribute towards the edification of communities across Botswana. We hold firmly to the belief that charitable initiatives serve as invaluable locomotives that steer community development, stimulate infrastructural change and cultivate the communal loving-kindness that attests to the Botswana culture of Botho.

    We come from a nation of people with a deeply established culture of giving and sharing and as Travelwise we remain firmly committed to efforts that allow us opportunities to sow back into the Botswana community. As our national anthem says, re kopane le go direla lefatshe la rona! (Together we’ll work and serve this land!) - an anthem which we hold dear to our hearts in everything that we do.

    Travelwise Golf Days

    In more recent years, Travelwise has organised fundraiser golf days which welcomed members of the local corporate sector to gather for a day of sport and to raise much needed funds for charitable causes. To date, each annual golf day has raised approximately P100,000, an achievement which we have counted ourselves as very fortunate to have reached. Proceeds of our annual golf days were donated to Dula Sentle and Childline Botswana. With its name bearing the meaning “rest assured”, Dula Sentle is a day care center in Otse Botswana under the Healing Homes organisation that upholds the mission to build safe, self-sufficient and sustainable communities for orphaned children in developing countries. Childline Botswana is based in Gaborone and is a long standing non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing abused children.

    P100,000 raised annually

    Travelwise Cycle Challenge

    In 2008, Travelwise Managing Director Fred McDonald together with Angus Boxhall-Smith of Wharic Construction and Grant Marais of Stanbic Bank Botswana organised and participated in a glorious cycling challenge from Johannesburg to Durban, South Africa. The cycle challenge raised P176,000 for Childline Botswana.

    P176,000 raised

    Stanbic Chief Executive’s Charity Ride

    In 2013, Fred McDonald of Travelwise participated in the Chief Executive’s Charity Ride, championed by Stanbic Bank Botswana. Participants from the local corporate sector cycled from Ghanzi to Gaborone. Partakers in the sporting event included Managing Director of Stanbic Bank Botswana, Leina Gabaraane, members of the Bank’s management team, and professional cyclists who undertook the 710km journey in efforts to raise necessary funds to establish a mobile clinic for the community of Shakawe village. The team returned from the battle victoriously as Stanbic Bank Botswana successfully completed its mission to purchase and handover the mobile clinic to the value of P580,790.

    P580,790 raised





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